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For the software end of my music tools, I have Cakewalk, Ntrack Studio, Jammer Pro, and Band in the Box for composing. There's a half dozen soft synths thrown in there as well.

Instruments: Alvarez AD60 guitar, Dillion DM100 mandolin, Yamaha PSR740 keyboard, and my most favorite wind instrument, the Yamaha WX5 wind controller with the turbocharged VL70M sound module.

I have a Carvin SM162 and Crate CMX52 for soundboards and two Samson Resolve 65a powered studio monitors. For portability I have a Crate acoustic 125 and a Fender Passport 250 which has awesome sound.

Also on board is a Zoom MRS 802 hard drive recorder, a Boss DR5 and for guitar, a Zoom Acoustic 504 effects pedal. My newest tool and one that's is actually transforming my music is a Boss RC20 XL phrase recorder or looper.

On the left are some samples of my live looping experiments. It's 'live' looping because there are no prerecorded backing tracks of any kind. It's all performed live and on the fly, by playing and layering the sound. Mind you there's nothing finished or polished here but it will give you a sample of what I'm working on these days.

My live setup is the Passport system, the Crate CMX board , the effects pedal and the RC20 looper.

Instruments are guitar and the many instruments of the WX5.


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