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My art rig consists of a Gateway dual core Athlon 3800, 2 Ghz, with 1 gig of ram and a Gforce 7600 xxx video card. Nothing to write home about but it's solid and does the job. Windows XP of course, although I'm going to start some Linux explorations...

For my 2d work, and for texturemaking as well as pre and post 3d work I use Paintshop Pro 10 and 11, Painter, Photoshop, Pixopedia 24, and Texturemaker.

For my modeling work I use Hexagon 2, Silo, Zbrush, Metasequoia, DoGa, Archipelis and Curvy. Oh and we can't forget Blender.

For my main 3d staging application I use Vue Infinite with Terragen and Bryce 5.5 as compositing resources. Bryce 5 for abstract rendering.

My utilities include UvMapper, Irfanview, Xfader, Jpeg Optimizer, and a dozen or more others.

I have a whole collection of the 'little tools' that do one thing but do it exceptionally as opposed to the big tool suites that do 'everything'.

I believe that it really doesn't matter what tool you use or how you use it as long as it gets you to that final render and the realization of your vision.



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